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Designing staff development and support services for eLearning on an evidence base created within one's own university (Keynote)

Carmel McNaught, Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Staff development is a sales job. Academic staff developers sell ideas and strategies to academic teachers. The academy is built on evidence-based scholarship and therefore our "sales" pitch needs to be evidence-based and scholarly. This presentation will describe how staff at the Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have used clear and directed research to articulate teachers' eLearning needs to the University administration. Multiple sources of data were collected, including site logs, experts' review of selected active websites, and interviews with 26 active eTeachers. This approach has enabled us to obtain additional resources to enable us to work with each department in the University. Interwoven into this research into eLearning at CUHK is a set of principles for excellent teaching based on interviews with 18 CUHK teachers who obtained Exemplary Teaching Awards. So, we base our staff development work on what the best teachers at our University believe and how they enact those beliefs. These stories resonate with colleagues in the community of our University.