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ICTs as an Enabler for the Development of the Education Sector in Mozambique (Keynote)

Venancio Massingue, Minister of Science and Technology, Mozambique
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Education has been declared as one of the national priority sectors for the poverty reduction strategy for years 2006-2009 by the Government of Mozambique. The sector has defined an ambitious strategy for years 2006-2011, which outlines the priority areas and introduces new approaches for strengthening the delivery of education services through revised curricula’s, enhanced teacher training and better management of human resources and the whole education network. Challenges remain considerable but both qualitative and quantitative indicators show that progress has been made.

To strengthen and to complement sectoral strategies, Government of Mozambique has elaborated and approved a comprehensive strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), which supports the development of education services, from primary education to tertiary institutions and places special weight on national research capacities. STI strategy develops tools and innovative concepts for building a comprehensive innovation framework, combining applied research, private sector product development with spearhead innovations. The strategy has a clear focus on pro-poor solutions, benefiting the least privileged members of the society. This applies also to identifying technologies for supporting development of the education sector, including science and computer laboratories, distance learning platforms with appropriate contents and tools for managing the expanding education network.