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Concept Maps to Support Collaborative Knowledge Modeling

Barbara Bowen, See What You Know www.seewhatyouknow.com
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Building on New Constructivist Ideas and CmapTools to Create a New Model for Education, Novak & Canas (9 pages)

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Concept Maps, What The Heck Are They?

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Improving Education with Concept Mapping

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Joseph Novak on Concept Mapping

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concept map about concept maps

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Concept Maps to Support Collaborative Knowledge Modeling

Barbara Bowen, See What You Know

Concept mapping was developed by Prof. Joseph Novak and his research team at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY/USA) in the 1970’s. The original applications of concept mapping were to represent the emerging science understanding of elementary students and the expert knowledge of scientists. The resource “Concept Maps, What They Heck Are These?” provides a good summary of what a concept map is and how to go about creating one. Concept mapping is currently being used in educational institutions to support primary to tertiary studies in over 100 countries. In 2004, President Torrijos of Panama announced a nation-wide initiative to implement concept-mapping in all K-12 schools in Panama over a period of ten years as a way to leapfrog Panama’s educational system into the knowledge age. In 2004, Novak and Canas proposed A New Model of Education. The essence of this model is students’ work to extend “skeleton expert maps” by adding new sub-concepts and knowledge resources. The paper is available in the resource library for this workshop. Urbino, Italy has undertaken an educational improvement project that uses the New Model of Education as its foundation. A PowerPoint of a recent address by Prof. Novak to the University of Urbino is available as a resource in the space for “Novak and Canas.”

Workshop Goals

Learn about the theory behind Novakian Concept Mapping
Explore the educational applications of shared knowledge models created with CmapToolsTM concept mapping software.
Learn about recent innovations in using Concept Mapping reshape teaching and learning
Create concept maps to be used as collaborative knowledge building environments
Create individual concept maps

The Process

Barbara Bowen will lead two live online workshop sessions and an online discussion on the use of CMAp tools in our Breeze Meeting room on Friday 14th July from 3-4 pm and on Monday 17th July from 3-4 pm. Professors Joseph Novak and Alberto Canas who are globally recognised concept mapping experts will lead interaction in an online discussion forum which will consider issues of theory and the powerful use of concept mapping in realworld educational systems.