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Jungle Tour 2.0

Robin Good, Master New Media
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There is a new wave of flexible, low cost synchronous collaboration environments which can be used powerfully by virtual teams and for flexible learning. Robin Good from MasterNewMedia is one of the leading experts in this area.

The workshop starts with two live Jungle tours of new synchronous environments for 10 intrepid e/merge participants with fast Internet connections and nerves of steel.

The recordings from these sessions will then be used as resources for a discussion available to the whole conference.

The first tour considered tools for basic conferencing aided by VoIP including skpyecasting before engaging with powerful new screensharing technologies. These environments will be discussed in the Jungle Tour 2.0 forum from 17-19th July.

The second tour will focus on webcasting technologies for sharing presentations online including video.

The discussion on web based presentation technologies will take place from 19th - 21st July.

Robin Good will also host a live discussion in Breeze during Week 2 of e/merge for up to 40 e/merge participants.