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Empowering traditional universities with ICT: the challenges harnessing the emerging educational delivering and learning technologies within campus-based universities in Africa (Invited Presentation)

Clement Dzidonu, Global Village University (GVU), Ghana
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In this paper we argue that the emerging educational delivery technologies and systems are no doubt opening up a number of educational delivery opportunities for campus-based universities in African countries and the world over. These technologies do present Africa's conventional campus-based universities the opportunity to complement and supplement face-to-face campus based education within their institutions, assist in reducing educational costs and make education more accessible to a wider audience. The point is made to the effect that the use of these technologies to support campus-based education African countries will improve and enhance educational delivery; improve quality of education and as well as improve learner involvement and participation, enhance the quality of the learner-teacher relationship and boost learner achievement and confidence. The paper pointed out that the availability of new educational technologies is opening up new opportunities for providing education and training in African universities on a much larger scale than was possible before. The use of these technologies to service new ways of education, training, and learning, as well as research collaborations, supervision and coordination, is beginning to make the implementation of technology-enabled educational program delivery within a campus environment a realistic possibility in African countries.

The paper however argued that African universities do face a number of challenges and constraints in harnessing these emerging technologies to support their educational delivery and research and other activities. These challenges will need to be addressed if African campus-based traditional universities are to avail of the educational delivery and enhancement opportunities that these new and emerging technologies offer. In this paper we explore a number of these challenges within the context of finding ways to empower African universities in the emerging information and technological age.