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This repository contains the proceedings of the e/merge 2012 online conference which took place 9 - 20 July 2012. Please note all mentioned contact details and institutional affiliations are as per July 2012

Papers marked with a purple star were double blind peer-reviewed. Invited papers are marked with a green star

Phase 1 Setting The Scene:  9th 11th July
Keynote Nnenna Nwakanma
Opening Keynote
Presentation 315KB | Paper 2.9MBLive Opening Monday 9 July at 5:00pm (Recording)
Paper Shafika Issacs & David Hollow jigsaw consult, England
eLearning Africa Report
Video Presentation 18MB | Presentation 3MB

Paper Sarah Hoosen & Neil Butcher Neil Butcher and Associates, South Africa
ICT Development at African Universities: The Experience of the PHEA Educational Technology Initiative
Narrated Presentation 24MB | Paper 29KB | Presentation 350KB

Paper Xavier Muianga et al Stockholm University, Sweden
ICT in Education in Africa Myth or Reality: The Case Study of Mozambican Higher Education Institutions
Paper 33KB | Presentation 765KB

Paper Daniela Gachago Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
Towards a shared understanding of emerging technologies: experiences in a collaborative research project in South Africa
Paper 63KB | Narrated Presentation 30MB | Presentation 3MBLive Monday, 9 July at 10am (Recording)
Paper Luka B. Carfagna
A Survey of Open Education: P2PU, Agency, and the Formation of Emancipatory Culture
Paper 23KB | Online Presentation (External link)

Paper Ruth Nsibirano et al Makerere University, Uganda
Our thoughts Craft our world: Student Perceptions as Drivers for Educational Technology Use
Presentation 1.5MB

PaperPaper Andrew Deacon & Catherine WynSculley University of Cape Town, South Africa
When my sub-editor is a nit-picking bot: Mediating roles of a TV news scriptwriting exercise
Presentation6.9MB Paper


Phase 2 Systems and Strategies: 11th 13th July
Keynote Victor Mbarika
PresentationLive Wednesday, 11 July at 4pm (Recording)
Keynote Yacine Atif
PresentationLive Friday, 13 July at 2pm (Recording)
Paper Mulebwa Munaku University of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania
Experience of Course Migration from Blackboard to Moodle LMS – A Case Study from UDSM
Presentation 575KB | Narrated Presentation 22.9MB

Paper Brenda Mallinson & Greig Krull South African Institute for Distance Education, South Africa
An Evaluation of the Supporting Infrastructure for Deployment of the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at Eight African Universities
Narrated Presentation 11.6 MB | Presentation 1MB

Paper Jerome Dooga University of Jos, Nigeria
Developing an eLearning Strategy at a Nigerian University
Presentation 1.6MB | Paper 357KB | Appendix73KBLiveThursday, 12 July at 11am (Recording)
PaperPaper Sarah-Anne Arnold University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, South Africa
Online learning in higher education: Contributors to the Tipping Point in a South African institution
Presentation 2MB | Paper 2.4MB

Paper Andrew Mwanika Makerere University, Uganda
The Feasibility of Adopting and Rolling-out E-Portfolios in an African University
Presentation 100KB | Paper

Paper Joel S. Mtebe University of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania
Developing and using animations and simulations to teach computer science courses: the case of University of Dar es Salaam
Presentation 32.5MB | Paper 140KB

Paper Francis Egbokhare et al University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Learners’ Acceptance of Mobile Phone for Distance Learning Tutorials: A Case Study of University of Ibadan.
Presentation 8.5MB

Paper Nhlanhla Mlitwa & Kesewaa Koranteng Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
Access and use of ICT for teaching and learning amongst schools in under-resourced communities.
Narrated Presentation 12.2MB | Presentation 152KB

Phase 3 Networks for Learning: 16th 18th July
Paper Sarah Howard University Of Wollongong, Australia
The Digital Education Revolution: The role of knowledge and technology practices in a large-scale 1-1 laptop initiative
Narrated Presentation 16.8 MB | Presentation 629KB

Paper Franci Cronje University of Cape Town, South Africa
Extreme Blogging as teaching Methodology
Presentation 10.2MB | Paper 4.1MB

Paper Cheryl Brown & Dick Ng’ambi University of Cape Town, South Africa
Using blogs for critical reflection: a case of a blended postgraduate module
Presentation 456KBLive Monday, 16 July at 10am (recording)
Paper Jolanda Morkel Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
The use of facebook to support project-based studio learning
Presentation 2MB

PaperPaper Nicola Pallitt University of Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa: What’s happening?’: Students’ use of Twitter in a Social Media seminar
Presentation 2.65MB | Paper 95KB

Paper Khanyisile Ngodwana Walter Sisulu University, South Africa
Using CHAT as a framework for using Facebook groups: A case study of WSU Writing Centre
Presentation 2MB | Paper 50.5KB

Paper Travis Noakes University of Cape Town
What aspects of Visual Arts classes influenced its learners’ use of online portfolio software for e-portfolio creation?
Narrated Presentation 70 MB | Unnarrated Presentation 9.04 MB

Paper Erick Gankam Tambo United Nations University
Framework for virtual seminar involving remote experts from the diaspora and students in institutions of higher education in Africa
Presentation 3.43MB | Abstract 29KB

Paper Tony Carr & Alice Barlow-Zambodla
University of Cape Town, South African Institute for Disctance Education

Good practices for online professional networks and communities
Paper | PresentationLiveTuesday, 17 July at 11am (recording)
Paper Gurmit Singh University of Leeds, England
Improving the impact of online continuing professional development: A reflexive network model
Narrated Presentation 142MB | Presentation 2.6 MB | Paper 16.6KBLive Tuesday, 17 July at 2pm (recording)
Paper Gilbert Munyemana National University of Rwanda, Rwanda:
Harmonizing capacity building and work responsibilities of Rwandan nurses through E-learning
Narrated Presentation (MP4 36MB) | Presentation 1.5 MB

Phase 4 Disruption and Openness: 18th 20th July
Keynote David Theo Goldberg
Keynote Presentation 10.2MBLive Wednesday, 18 July at 5:30 pm (recording)
Keynote Laura Czerniewicz
KeynoteLive Friday, 20 July at 12pm (recording)
PaperPaper Gabriel S Konayuma Ministry of Science, Government of Zambia, Zambia
Using Open and Educational Resources (OERs) and Wiki’s to Support Entrepreneurship
Training in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institutions in Zambia
Paper 465KB | Presentation 361KB

Paper David Kabugo Makerere University, Uganda
Optimizing the Pedagogical Affordances of Wikispaces to Mediate the Teaching of Critical Reading to Students at
Selected High Schools in Uganda
Abstract 26KB

PaperPaper Daniela Gachago Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
Disrupting teaching and learning with emerging technologies: lecturers’ experiences at a University of Technology in South Africa
Paper 49KB | Presentation 667KB | Narrated PresentationLiveThursday, 19 July at 1pm (recording)
Paper Crina Damsa & Sten Ludvigsen University of Oslo, Norway
Learning Through Collaborative Creation of Knowledge Objects in Teacher Education
Paper 177KB | Presentation 3.7MB

Paper Brant Knutzen University of Hong Kong
Creating highly engaging online discussions to support sustainable formative learning
Paper 13KB | Presentation 970KBLive Wednesday, 18 July at 10am (recording)

Paper Arno Louw University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Engaging technologies for teaching: a neuro design perspective
Narrated Presentation 143 MB | Presentation 2.3MB | Paper 1.5MB

PaperPaper Brandon Collier-Reed University of Cape Town, South Africa
Improving the design and implementation of lecturecasting and its impact on an academic’s classroom practice
Flash Presentation | Narrated Presentation: MP4 48.3MB / ZIP – Flash 42MB | Presentation 16MB | Paper 328KB
Live Friday, 20 July at 10am (recording)
Paper Ulf-Daniel Ehlers & Jochen Josten Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, Germany
Catching a moving target?! Global Quality for eCapacity Building
Paper 78KB

Social Media Panel - Online in Class With Travis Noakes, Nicola Pallitt, Franci Cronje, Khanyisile Ngodwana and Jolanda Morkel

Live Wednesday, 18 July at 1 pm (recording)

Closing - Tony Carr University of Cape Town , South Africa

Live Friday, 20 July at 3pm (recording)

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